The Pros And Cons Of Electronic Cigarettes

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E-cigarette or vaping: a safe and healthier alternative for those trying to quit smoking – myth or fact?

“You can chew it … or put it in a pipe … or you can shred it up … and put it in a piece of paper. And roll it up. Don’t tell me, Walt, You stick it in your ear, right?!”
The favorable comedian, Bon Newhart role-played Sir Walter Raleigh in his skit about introducing tobacco to the civilized world. It turned the spotlight on how ridiculous, civilization’s enduring liaison with the leafy import. As handwritten letters or newspapers have retired and been replaced; cigarettes has now morphed into the digital revolution and welcome to the era of electronic cigarettes! In fact, the pioneer of e-cigarette can be dated back to 1963, where American
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The researches conducted in 2012 suggested that e-cigarette may contain less carcinogenic and toxicant in vapor shed light to the e-cigarette market that cited “vaping” as “healthier and cheaper”. Add to this controversy the expanding involvement of tobacco companies in this industry suggesting they are using similar commerce approach to woo new vapers. Furthermore the industries even hire paid doctor endorsement to bypass the FDA’s stringent requirement. Leaving aside the fact of nicotine causes addiction, those who favor the likely short-term health and monetary benefits of e-cigarettes should be concern of the vaporized aerosol. The E-juice contain vegetative glycerin for vapour production, propylene glycol, flavors concentrate which are sold without testing requirements, in addition to the nicotine. The alarmist have cited journal on propylene glycol being the main ingredient of “antifreeze”, long exposure could caused decreased lung function make me believe that e-cigarette is not reassuring. Besides, multiple studies have found that chemical like formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, as well as heavy metal like nickel and lead in first and second-hand vapor are potential carcinogenic in humans. Thus, the potential for both certain and unforeseen health relation due to e-cigarettes still remains. Sure they are safer than conventional cigarettes…show more content…
is leading the sales of e-cigarette, Malaysia’s market is touted as the second largest worth about $125 million. A Google search of “vaping Malaysia” reaches almost a million due to websites dedicated to the sale of vape devices and e-liquids. Malaysia government’s endeavor to choose a side between the two growing tension’s public health camps. One is the new rising chain-industries serving at least half a million of Malaysia’s smokers. This number represents about 200 vaping-related businesses at a sale rate up to RM2 billion. Most small sized businesses could face obsolescence if a national ban is implemented. On top of this, some e-cigarette users became incensed at what they viewed as yet further infringement of their liberty. Another is admits pressure from Muslim leaders, bans on e-cigarette have already been announced in several states. Worse in Negeri Sembilan, vaping is declared as “haram”, or forbidden, in Islam. Hitherto, Malaysia’s Ministry of Health says it has no plan still to ban the sale of vape, merely regulate it.

No doubt this subject is complex and not yet supported by robust data and is going to be another long game between conservative and radical. As a matter of urgency, we need to resolve this situation to prevent perpetuation damage done to either side. So, before scientist can sort out the long-term effect of vaping on human physiology or its efficacy as a cessation device. What is crucial, however, is that we must have regulatory measures
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