The Pros And Cons Of Earthlings On Mars

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Mars is a fascinating planet. The similarities between Earth and Mars are alike compared to all the other plants in the solar system. Undoubtedly, it’s a great place to discover and explore our curiosity regarding the red planet, but the curiosity can have many cons compared to the pros. Earthlings on Mars is not a good idea due to all the disadvantages that come with it. In my opinion going to Mars will not be a wise decision. To begin, going to Mars will be a waste of money. Going to Mars costs over 10 billion US dollars. Money would be a huge factor in this trip. Where would this money come from? The monetary expenses will be borne by the taxpayers. The tax prices will increase and it will be going to the government who will be using this tax money to pay for the trip to Mars, but there are more things that could be done with this money for example: using this money to help the people in poverty and making many peoples lives better and the most important use of…show more content…
It would agreeable that the centre of Antarctica in winter is cold, not the best of places to set up a house? Well Mars is far colder (8.). Typically at night-time in Mars its is -70 degrees Celsius and sometimes it could drop to -100 degrees Celsius. It is often too cold that it can freeze the CO2 in the atmosphere. An earthling cannot survive in that temperature without advanced technology. Another problem living in mars would be that Mars’ atmosphere is thinner than Earth. Mars’ atmosphere is composed of 95 percent of CO2 whereas on earth CO2 is 0.04 percentages, in earth the amount of oxygen is 20.95 whereas on Mars it is 0.2 percent of Oxygen, which is 100 times lower, compared to Earth. An earthling would have to put on a spacesuit to survive the low pressure, not considering the lack of oxygen. The pressure is so low, the saliva in your mouth and the moisture coating the interior of your lungs would tend to

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