Asian American Stereotypes

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East Asians commonly find themselves to be victims of stereotyping with negative consequences like discrimination. The racial grouping Asian American refers to 29 singular countries and cultures including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea,South Korea,Taiwan (Kim). Although each culture is distinct, people in the united States usually treat all East Asians similarly. The same goes for naturalized Asian Americans versus born citizen Asian Americans. Ironically, some speculate that is one of the ways that Asian American stereotypes are to its host’s detriment. In America, there has been a drastic uptick in Asian immigrants. In ten years from 1990, Asian naturalised citizens raised to a quarter of the American immigrant population.…show more content…
The general consensus is that the model minority stereotype was created only to retain American stability (ocampo,et. al,683). There are many reasons why pinning Asian Americans as the model minority was convenient for Americans. In the 1870’s, Chinese people migrated to America, mainly California. Asian Americans were suspicious to Californians because there was a thriving vice economy in Chinatown and most Asians were not Christian. Even before that, Americans had a mythic ideal of Asians or ”Orientals” and were concerned about foreigners in their country. Coincidentally , America’s economy was shifting from freedom for workers to capitalism and most Californians projected their fear onto Asian Americans. In their opinion, Asian American immigrants spoiled the United States independence and freedom(Guo). Some political parties even openly wished for Asians to be ostracized from the rest of America. In 1882, Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, which severely restricted Chinese immigration into America and denied Chinese the right to become naturalised citizens . In the 1890s politicians forced all Chinese citizens to register with a Chinese registry. By 1924, any immigration from Asian countries was illegal because Asians were “aliens ineligible for citizenship.” in the eyes of lawmakers. After, there were racial restrictions to citizenship for Asians and the…show more content…
The Confucian values of ,focus on the family, durable work ethic, and high value on learning are viewed as components for the success of Asians in education,employment and marriage for the Asian race,hard work can be attributed to Asian wealth. The problem is that Confucianism is mainly a Japanese and Chinese belief. Compared to other Asian groups that don’t adhere to Confucianism such as Cambodians or Hmong people Japanese and Chinese are prospering. Conversely, Koreans, Filipinos, and Asian Indians who are christian or not traditionally Confucian, respectively, have the highest rates for college degree attainment. This evidence shatters the notion that Asian “culture” is the determining factor in their success, making them the model or more desirable minority The workplace can be tricky to navigate for East Asians because of the vicious stereotypes that faithfully follow them wherever Asians go. A study by Jennifer L. Berdahl and MIn JI-A reveals that most workers prefer non dominant East Asian or a dominant or a nondominant White coworker over a dominant EAst Asian coworker. Out of East Asians, those who are more dominant or warm are racially harassed more and all types of coworkers( Berdahl, Ji-A). The most common workplace discrimination includes , lack of communication, being left out of networking and collaboration, rejection of opportunities for professional development, and a

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