The Pros And Cons Of Eated Food

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When it comes to eating food nearly all people weigh the options of cooking, eating fast food, or buying processed food. This essay will analyze America 's decision to choose a lousy habitat a great habitat. Buying fast food rather than cooking a home cooked meal can be convenient and inexpensive for plenty of families in America. However, in the long run, their health can become an issue since fast food contains an abundant amount of unhealthy ingredients. Meanwhile, a home cooked meal contain fewer calories and help with countless of health issues. People would rather risk their health in the future to eat unhealthy than to buy food that you can cook due to it being pricey. Although, eating a home cooked meal can be healthy there can be obstacles people come across. Health is a tremendous issue when dealing with food that people eat today in America.
Eating fast food can have numerous amounts of disadvantages and offers a small-scale of portions for advantages. Yet, the human population can decide to buy food that is fast and unhealthy before considering to eat an at home nutritious meal. Processed food and fast food is high in both sodium and sugar. In terms of people knowing the consequences of eating unhealthy, they would rather choose a poor habitat. In the article “Top 11 Reasons for Fast Food’s Popularity,” it discloses “studies show that people prefer food that is inexpensive, convenient, and rather buy food instead of eating a cooked meal.” It is a simple fact that

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