The Pros And Cons Of Education In Schools

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In this essay I will provide the various reasons as to why children and young people are not in schools , I will also provide a discussion as to how White Paper Six (doe ,2001) provides policy directives to seek to address educational exclusion in south Africa
In south Africa every learner has been given the right to basic education , according to the South African schools act every learner should attend school from the age of seven until fifteen which is grade nine(Fleisch et al,2012). According to the community survey 2007 the size of the compulsory age population who are not attending schools may be slightly higher than some government sources had suggested (Fleisch et al,2012, p.529) , There are various learners who do not attend schools , however the analysis shows a pattern in poor attendance ratios: coloured boys , those learners whose parents have passed away tend to leave school , learners with disabilities and learners living in rural communities( Fleisch et al,2012, p.529),
The department of basic education may argue that most out of school learners are out of school due to a disability , some may have economic and social barriers and that’s what is keeping learners out of school , at least 60% of learners in educational institutions are attending schools even though they may come from poor families (Fleisch et al ,2012) what this means is that poverty on its own does not explain why the other approximate 40% are not in to what extent should disability

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