The Pros And Cons Of Edward Snowden

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Edward Snowden good or bad? Ask yourself, would you trust what he says? Did he do the right thing? Out of the millions of documents he embezzled almost none had to do with wiretapping of the government by its people (Epstein A.11.)1 . Snowden was born in 1983 in Elizabeth North Carolina then moved to Central Maryland. Snowden took some of the files out of the millions he had and gave that information to the media for them to do a story on it (Epstein A.11.)2. The information he stole should’ve been handed over as well with Snowden. The people who kept him from the United States should be prosecuted. Snowden kept information in his head for the reason if he needed leverage to get out of a situation. Snowden said with being the most wanted…show more content…
Snowden releasing the information made laws placed to where it 's harder for the government to spy on its people (Ray)19. The UN intervened and helped the people of the united states to make an act in place to protect privacy (Ray)20. Eric H. Holder told the government that Snowden helped the government from crossing the line when it came to spying and they thank him even though Snowden is still a criminal (Ray)21. From the very little good it did, it actually made the united states more unsafe because it has become harder to watch the groups of terrorist (Ray)22. The damage is done and he did it out of selfishness the people he swore to protect are more endangered than ever (Couric)23. The information leaked was not even close to how much was taken and the government fears that there may be more that could be leaked to unwanted people the enemy of the United States (Ray)24. The Evidence is there, why he did or thought it was right the reasons to which he was thinking would make the united states more safe. The problems it caused the information he still has all play a factor. Is Edward Jay Snowden reliable or is he a spy? Is Snowden playing the hero or the villain? Snowden is a criminal in the United States should he be pardoned or should he be criminalized for his action? It’s up to you to

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