The Pros And Cons Of Elderly Prisons

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Elderly offenders are a number of men and women ages 55 years and older that face life sentence or waiting for parole. There are more male than female prisoners there's about 42% white prisoners, 33% are black and around 15% hispanic. Elderly prison have grown from 32,600 in 1995 to 124,400 in 2010. They say that about the year 2030 will approach one third of the total prison population. Elderly prisons are two to three times more expensive than younger offenders, they could be up $72,000 per year for medical care and housing. Most of the elderly are in prison for different cases. 14% are sentenced for fraud, larceny, burglary, breaking and entering, and traffic and public violations. 26% sentenced for drug crimes and 65% are non-violent, property
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