The Pros And Cons Of Electronic Cigarettes

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You and many other people have their own opinion about vaping. People say that it is better for you than smoking cigarettes while others say that it is just bad if not worse. The fact is that e-cigarettes are not going anywhere, they will continue to develop as technology develops. Smoking e-cigarettes will however not stop people from smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco. The us of electronic cigarettes has made some people quit smoking and has given other people a new habit to get into. A man by the name of Herbert A. Gilbert patented the first electronic cigarette in 1963. Mr.Gilbert said that "It 's obvious that the inhaling burnt stuff was gross". His idea was to take flavored cartilages filled with e-liquid as well as a heated element to create a smokeless flavored air. Despite the fact that they were created in the early 1960s, Gilberts invention was not recognized until 2003. Along came a man by the name of Hon Lik, he was originally a medical researcher from china. Mr.Lik was a long-time smoker and was getting tired of his addiction. His idea for vaping came to him in a dream that he had. It took a lot of trial and error; his idea was released to the public in 2006. The first electronic cigarette that he made consisted of a nicotine solution that was suspended in Propylene Glycol (PG) and an ultrasonic atomizer. As e-cigarettes became more and more known inventors came up with cartomizers which are also known as tanks. Fast forward a few years, in 2016 the FDA

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