Pros And Cons Of Working In Private Sector

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There are two faces of analyzing the low percentage of Emiratis in the private sector, the employer’s viewpoint and the employees’ viewpoint. There are a number of reasons as to why UAE nationals are not working in the private sector. To begin with, nationals are not willing to work in the private sector as they argue that it is below their standard. They will only seek work that is coherent with their expectations. Nationals expect to be employed in comfortable managerial jobs, even when they lack the qualifications for such jobs. Therefore, the service and retail jobs are unlikely to meet their expectations. Emiratis prefer government jobs to private ones. Government sector jobs have flexible working hours, high remuneration rates, and have other non-monetary advantages. Whereas government sector jobs operate on a five-days a week system of eight-hour single shifts a day, private sector jobs operate on split shift, 10 hours a day, and have six days a week system. The UAE government has faced a great challenge in changing the opinion of their citizens to make them accept retail and service sector jobs in the private sector. Secondly, Emiratis are not able to cope with working conditions in the private sector. Irregular and long hours, short leave period, and time restrictions for religious practices are just some of…show more content…
The citizens were mesmerized by this occurrence. The nation encountered hardships and had to make tough decisions to stand tall under one flag. From December 1971, the Emirati leaders only wanted to ensure that their citizens got the best that the nation could offer. Emiratis were to be the core of the country. Over the past 40 years, UAE has seen economic growth with intensive industrialization and massive growth. Limited workforce, however, forced the nation to rely on foreign workers. They needed extra labor input to facilitate their intensive economic

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