The Pros And Cons Of Engineering

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Choosing which subjects you are going to do at school can be confusing and daunting. The reality though is that your subject choice can make a big difference to your chances of being accepted, when it comes to applying to universities to study. This is particularly relevant when it comes to Engineering, as the golden rule is if you want to study Engineering at university you are going to need to have done Math and Science, and are going to need to be relatively good at, and have good grades in both. So often when faced with choosing subjects at school, students opt for the easier subjects because there is less work involved and they feel they may get better grades in certain subjects. They are not thinking long term, or how their subject choice…show more content…
Engineering is an exciting career. It does take creativity, perseverance and lots of hard work, but the long term rewards are worth the hard work you will have to do to become an Engineer. Engineers are responsible for making tools, machines and countless other things that people need to improve their lives. Engineering is hugely diverse, and for this reason wherever your interest lie, there is probably a place for you in Engineering. Regardless of whether you are interested in mining, to building roads, to medical science, to computers there is opportunity for you in Engineering. (Susan Kihn, 2016). You do not have to love math to become an Engineer, but you do need to develop competent math skills and have the ability to know how to use math concepts to be able to qualify as an Engineer. Without math and science, your chances of being accepted into an Engineering program are slim if not impossible. Sadly parents and educators at times discourage children from pursuing a career in engineering for fear that the student will fail because they do not love the rigor of math (Susan Kihn,
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