The Pros And Cons Of Environmental Pollution On The Environment

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Several efforts have been made over recent years to maintain a safe and clean environment. However, environmental pollution is getting worst and poses a major threat to the Earth. Environmental pollution is “the contamination of the physical and biological components of the Earth to such an extent that normal environmental processes are adversely affected” (Kemp, 1998, p. 129). There are five known pollution which is in the form of air, water, land, noise and light (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1). The first type of pollution is air pollution. According to United States Environmental Protection Agency (as cited in Vallero, 2008, p. 3), air pollution is the presence of contaminants or pollutant substances in the air that interfere with human…show more content…
Land pollution causes the land’s productivity and potential to decline to such a level that the purpose of utilising lands for building infrastructures, housings, services, agriculture, forestry and many more for the development of human being are no longer achievable (Prabhakar, 2012). Land pollution are resulted by some sources which are deforestation, mining and construction activities. Deforestation appears to be the major concern as once the land is converted into dry lands, it can hardly be made fertile again. Those areas inevitably end up as waste lands. Mining requires the removal of topsoil containing valuable organic matters. The removal of topsoil causes the land to be barren which are unsuitable for cultivation and unproductive, which is a kind of land pollution. Due to urbanization, many construction activities are taking place. Waste materials such as wood, metal and plastic often being left at the construction site. When deforestation is committed, the green cover which helps in balancing the atmosphere is reduced and it leads to natural disasters such as global warming, flash floods and green house effect. The animal kingdom is also suffered as the habitat destruction caused by land clearing in such a way that their natural habitat is lost for human’s benefits. Animals are being forced to move further away and adapt new regions or die…show more content…
Noise pollution is becoming an increasingly concerned issue for the quality of life in any urban area (Piccolo and Plutino, 2005). Sources of noise pollution include road traffic, construction equipment, air traffic, electrical appliances and music system. The problem of noise pollution is less in small towns or villages. However, those residing close to the state highways or railways track are likely to suffer from the noise contributed. Road noise, especially is the key source of noise in big cities. Fast acceleration, re-starting the engine and the contact between tyres and road act as significant sources of noise pollution. Besides, a lot of high intensity sounds are produced by different machines in industries and factories. Noise pollution is further magnified when equipments such as pneumatic drills and milling machines are being used. Antisocial activities of neighbors including using of loud television, stereo and firework parties likewise give rise to noise pollution. Gadgets such as television, mobile, mixer grinder and vacuum cleaners are minor contributors to the amount of noise that is produced but it may affect the quality of life of the neighborhood. According to Havas (2006), human health can be affected by noise pollution. It results in loss of sleep, depression, mental breakdown and affects work efficiency. Excessive noise can damage some part of auditory system which causes impairment of hearing
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