Ethical Issues In Social Media

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Ethical computing is the values and practiced with technology. Ethics enforce the use of computing resources not to copyright on someone else design. Just like ethics with any job just must try follow the rules so everyone stays on the same page. There are 10 main ethics with computers. One is no not harm people. Two is not to interfere with others work. The third is not to snoop in another computer files. The fourth is Do not use a computer to steal. The fifth not to use a computer to bear false witness, the sixth is no to use proprietary software, the seventh is don’t use people’s computer resources without permission. The eighth is don’t use other people's intellectual output. The ninth is to think before you create something that could have social consequences. The tenth is to use computer to respect one and another human. What is plagiarism and copyright infringement how being they different. Copyright infringement is to not follow the rules set by the copyright rules you agree to. Plagiarism is to use something some wrote and write it as you were the one to come up with the idea. The differences…show more content…
One big concern is how do you know if you are talking to on social media. There are so many people that make fake account to just get your information or anything there even a tv serious about it on MTV called catfish. Another big problem is people just say what they want on social media nowadays companies are watching this, and people have lost their jobs over it. I feel that social media is just grown out of control and now it can ruin your life if you are no careful who you talk to what you say on social media. At my previous job I watch a girl get fired because she got mad at a manager and put it on Facebook instead taking care of it at work. Work seen it and terminated her because she was giving company a bad reputation on social

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