The Pros And Cons Of Ethical Dilemmas

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For example, abortion, for some, is ethically wrong as it means depriving an unborn of its life while some consider it socially correct, especially in cases where the embryo is either detected with an incurable illness or the parents are otherwise unable to provide or care for it.

A workplace is considered a breeding ground for ethical dilemmas between individuals as they all come from different socio-economic backgrounds and beliefs. There are cases of ethical dilemmas between an employer and an employee.

Let us consider an example. During recruitment, it is the duty of an organization to explain its current state to the candidate. Mr. X loses his job after 1 year of employment because the company was acquired by another organization and he was not aware of it. This is an absolute breach of professional ethics. In the same way, this article deals with some common ethical issues at office and some tips to avoid these dilemmas. Workforce related ethical issues
1. Wrong usage of office machinery and assets-

Making long phone calls at the company cost. Taking advantages of organizations refund for the phone bills of the employees policy, by making personal phone calls and claiming for the refund of the same. Such an act is considered as unethical

Also Some people use office machineries like Xerox copies, print copies and blank papers for their personal usage which is wrong and unethical

2. Violation of rules and regulations of the company.
Accepting terms and

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