The Pros And Cons Of Ethnic Federalism

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vernment. The term Devolution is used to describe this process which stands the meaning of transferring of the political power to the subunits. The new federalism involved a shift from the nation centered federalism to state-centered federalism ensuring the fact that the powers of the central government have been limited and it is the states who decide on how to spend the government revenues.
3. Ethnic Violence
Ethnic violence within states is now much more common than interstate violence and also tends to be harder to stop . Is adopting federalism the best way to cope with territorially based diversity? The number of federal states societies has grown from five; Australia, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States to seven with the addition of Spain and Belgium. Italians voted to federalize last fall, and federalism is being debated in Corsica and the United Kingdom . How can the countries avoid ethnic violence and accommodate multiple ethnicities? Establishment of a country governed under the norms of ethnic federalism has been identified as a prospective answer for this question at present.

4. Is Ethnic Federalism the answer?
4.1 What is Ethnic federalism?
In a system of ethnic federalism, the federal units are classified according to their ethnicities within the country. In an ethnic federation, the units are created to monitor ethnic boundaries, providing ethnic communities with self-government. And these ethnic communities will be demarcated based on their
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