The Pros And Cons Of Euthanasia

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Among the most controversial dilemmas broadly under debate is the Euthanasia and Patient Assisted Suicide (PAS) due to spreading of these practices even when laws are approved in limited states of United States and countries. The Euthanasia has always being part of our society since this word is derived from ancient Greek. The ancient Greek defined Euthanasia as the “well” or “good” death. The PAS is when a physician assist patient to commit suicide or facilitate death. It means that doctor and patient know and intentionally consent to give and receive a dose to end life mainly driven by a terminal and painful illness. The main factor that has driven this debate is that both are considered assisted dying and are an act to take the decision to intentionally end the life of a human being. It has generated moral, ethical (including patient, family and doctors), religious and legal dilemmas since many people see Euthanasia as a suicide masked as a mercy or compassionate death. The main difference is that euthanasia is considered a mercy kill or death because the physician administer a lethal medicine. However, in the case of PAS, the physician provides the dose or prescription for the self-administration by the patient. Notwithstanding, both generate dilemmas because are considered murder and suicide and against God or divine creation. Although this is an unforgiving topic since Greek ancient eras, the modern times have made it more difficult from the point of view of doctors
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