The Pros And Cons Of Evangelism

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People who don’t have the gift of evangelism can do more harm than good in trying to emulate hard-line evangelistic techniques. The non-Christians of this world have horror stories of ill-informed, brash, bullying Christians who are “scalp hunting”. Unfortunately, there is a lot of damage control to be done, before we can even get people to listen and trust us enough to talk about something so personal as their spiritual life… We can all do that – be friendly and caring, don’t hide the fact that you are a Christian, but be sensitive to where they are at in regard to previous contact with Christians. It may be necessary to ask forgivenss for our unwise and uninformed brothers and sisters. Someone has said we have inocculated people against the…show more content…
Moyer on having the gift of evangelism. When we think of the act of “Evangelism,” perhaps knocking on doors, teaching the Bible, preaching or distributing tracks comes to mind. But this is scary to many people and is often the reason we find it difficult to evangelize. However, we must consider for a moment: Does evangelism have to be such an enormous challenge? This is one of many misconceptions concerning evangelism that we as Christians face today.
The first misunderstanding I see here is that evangelism involves something scary or a monumental task. I find it interesting that people come to faith in the Lord by asking just a simple question or by bringing up the subject of God in a conversation. In recent times, people have attributed evangelism with preaching and teaching. This is true to a certain extent. But it is in these trivial things that often gets people to thinking about spiritual matters. I have noticed that some people put cards about local church activities on bus seats and other public places. This sort of thing is done frequently and in time people have come to church as a
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