The Pros And Cons Of Evil And Evil

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Where does evil come from? Are we born with it? Or as the years go by do people change and become evil? The thought of people being born evil, though an interesting topic to discuss, is absurd. Everyone is born innocent and good. However, as some people get older they develop an evil side. For some this evil side will dominate the good with which they were born. An individual’s environment and experiences can change a person as time progresses. A once good person can become evil when they are put into negative situations. This has been supported through many scientific studies and has also been seen in classic literature. Despite circumstances, each individual has to make the decision whether they are going to remain good or become evil. One occupation that consistently causes good individuals to turn evil is being a prison guard. The power given to prison guards over prisoners can puts prison guards in the position to become evil. A great example of prison guards turning evil is seen through the Stanford Prison Experiment. This experiment was conducted using normal mentally stable volunteers and assigned them to be either a prisoner or a prison guard. The roles were selected at random. Once the people who were assigned as guards received the power in the prison, they began to perform humiliating acts towards the prisoners; humiliating acts such as striping the prisoners naked and other sexually graphic acts. According to Dr. Phillip Zimbardo, “Within 36 hours, one of the
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