Evolutionism Vs Creationism Essay

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“Is there a God? If not… then what are all these churches for? And who is Jesus’ Dad?” Michael Scott For as long as intelligent life has been living on the earth there has been a question, what is the meaning of life. This question does come in multiple variations, for example “Why are we here?” or, “How did we get here?” or even “What is my purpose?” While there isn’t an obvious answers people do have their own beliefs. Two of the strongest and most popular beliefs are Evolutionism and Creationism. Many great scientist fall under either category and there are many arguments for either side but neither has all the answers. While both have a basis on how we are here only one belief has a reason why. I believe in creationism because although it might not have answers to everything it gives purpose to life, but just because I need a good grade here are some more scientific answers. I’m going to start with the bees. First off they are incredibly intelligent in their design of honey combs. There are three different shapes that can be compiled with itself and fit perfectly, those are squares, triangles, and hexagons. Of the three the hexagon can hold the most storage which is very important for the honey bees. The honey combs also always have the exact same angles of hexagon which seems easy, but humans can only do that with…show more content…
The Phi and Fibonacci sequence is a pattern where the rate of growth is 1.618. If you look at your hand and at the proportions of your joints in your fingers you can see this pattern shown. Your hand also follows the Fibonacci numbers or 2, 3, 5, and 8. If you want to explore a little more you can see you have eight fingers (thumbs don’t count), five digits on each hand, fingers are compromised into three sections, and you have to hands. (I don’t recommend taking your shoe off and looking but feet also follow the Fibonacci
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