Coffee Fair Trade

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Considering that coffee is the most consumed beverage in the United States, Americans are always very keen when it comes to the selection of the coffee flavor and brand that they intend to purchase. Based on that fact, Americans are very keen where the coffee they drink is being imported from. Fair Trade also considers other coffee-growing countries when outsourcing for their coffee as a way of ensuring that they can provide as many flavors and brands as possible. The Coffee Fair Trade in the United States Fair Trade Coffee, currently, sources its coffee from around 30 countries and gets it supplies from over 812,500 coffee members who are registered to their certified associations or cooperatives according to Freund (2017). Further, Freund…show more content…
While the natural circumstances of weather, rainfall and sunshine quantity, and altitude generally affect the taste of the finally-processed coffee, National Coffee Association USA (2015) also notes that the way in which the picked cherries are processed also contributes a lot to the quality of the beverage. Colombia, one of the largest suppliers of coffee to Fair Trade, has upped its game in the growing, processing, and the entire production of coffee to ensure that it remains one of the best producers of this coveted bean. National Coffee Association USA (2015) identifies that its highest grade, which is referred to as Colombian Supremo, provides a delicate and aromatic sweetness. This could be one of the reasons that explain why most of Fair Trade Coffee comes from the Latin America and Caribbean. It should also be noted that the Brazilian coffee provides one of the best flavor and quality in terms of low acidity, which satisfies its choice as one of the modern producers of Fair Trade Coffee. Guatemala is also another country that produces some of the best flavored coffee for Fair Trade in the Caribbean. The coffee from this country is considered to be spicy and chocolaty according to National Coffee Association USA (2015). On that regard, it could be regarded as a…show more content…
Freund (2017) notes that, “the average size of a Fairtrade coffee farmer’s plot is just 3.46 acres or 2.61 football fields” (Par. 7). It is on this regard that Fair Trade coffee farmers are offered premiums for every pound of coffee they export to ensure that they can receive services meant to improve their businesses. In another way, it could be viewed as Fair Trade’s way of ensuring that the modern producers of its coffee improve on the quality of their produce. Modern producers of the Fair Trade coffee are being advised that they increase on what they have been producing to ensure that they reap better benefits from the purchasing company. Further, modern producers of Fair Producer Coffee are also being advised to improve their quality to ensure that they meet the customer expectations and needs. That explains why Fair Trade Coffee rewards its farmers through premiums that are meant to provide services to them. Although there has been criticism that the premiums paid to modern producers never reach them, it should be noted that Fair Trade Coffee never fails to reward its employers for every pound of the cherry that is produced and processed into coffee. Through Fair Trade Foundation it ensures that it provides the modern producers with extra money whenever the coffee produced by the
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