The Pros And Cons Of Fascism

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Left-Wing Ideologies


Communism is an ideology were, theoretically, everyone is equal. Everyone in the population receives what they need for their lives and pay is equal for everyone no matter what their job is or how hard they work. It was created out of the belief that the cause for all problems in a society stem from differing economic classes. They believe that capitalism causes inequality and suffering as it creates a rift between different classes. At first this ideology seems like it would work well, however it has never been achieved properly. Ideally, the government temporarily takes control of a country with the goal of transitioning into a true communist society, however in practice what happens is the leaders take
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It is also a very complex ideology as it varies from place to place. Fascism promotes Authoritarian Government Control, this means that the government controls everything. Fascism is generally associated with Nazi Germany however there are some differences, many people consider Nazism to be further right on the spectrum than Fascism. All Fascist parties have some things in common, such as allegiance to the state, and generally to a master race or group. Fascism is focused towards the nation, and making the nation better, stronger and more powerful. There is a party called the Australia First Party, which is as close to Fascism as any party in Australia. This party has many fascist beliefs, the name of the party already sounds very fascist by putting Australia before every other country. They don’t hold any seats in the House of Representatives or the Senate, so currently they don’t have any influence in Parliament. Currently, there are no countries that are in Fascist control. There are many parties around the world in different countries that do not label themselves fascist because of negative connotations however many of their beliefs align very similarly to Fascist beliefs. For example, in America, there is a party called the, and I quote, the “American Nazi Party”. There is also the America First Party, the “White Patriot Party” and many more. How some of these parties still exist in today’s society is
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