The Pros And Cons Of Fast Food

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A common debate lately has been weather fast food should be served in schools or not. Some people believe that it should be allowed to be served because it is cheaper, but others believe that it should not. Fast food should not be served in schools because it causes health issues. For instance, the ingredients in fast food and drinks can include lots of fat, oil, artificial sweeteners, and high fructose. Also, it causes test scores to go down, and it affects eating habits. Fast food can be a very dangerous. Add last sentence u need figure things out

REASON #1 One reason fast food should not be served in school is because it is unhealthy. For example, this type of food can affect students eating habits, and health choices. Instead of eating the basic needs on a day to day basis, like fruits and vegetables, people decide to eat unhealthy fast food that can have major effect on the way people grow and how they live (Lee). This is important because, someone’s health can have a dramatic affect their lifestyle. People don 't want to have to end up in a wheelchair because they are eating fast food instead of daily fruits and veggies. Another reason why it is bad for fast food to be unhealthy is because fast food is a major health issue, especially when it is served in school every day. It gives students the opportunity to become more ill and overweight every day of the week. It gives children unhealthy, dangerous opportunities. This is why a school in new Jersey run by
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