The Pros And Cons Of Fentanyl

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When OxyContin went off the market in 2012, a new drug came to raise, Fentanyl. Fentanyl is a potent, fast acting, synthetic pain killer; its potency is 100 times greater than morphine and about 50 times greater than heroin (FISCHER, 2016). It was marketed to cancer patients and those In severe chronic pain. Fentanyl was created by a company called Insys Therapeutics, INC. This drug is beginning to take Canada by storm, with its potency overdoses and deaths are happening across the country, it is almost impossible to turn of the news without the mention of this drug. If a person is to type in Fentanyl in the search bar in google you will see reports of overdoses or deaths related to this rapidly spreading and dangerous drug. Earlier this year

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