The Pros And Cons Of Football

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When your playing football and getting into the game, the thought of life threatening injuries never truly cross the mind, but maybe they should. When you play the game of football there are many possibilities of things happening from making and interception to a scoring game winner. Many people don’t know that another possibility is a concussion or a broken bone, or even a life threatening injuries all because of the game of football! Many teen and kids life can be cut short of even ended because of the thrusting injuries in football! High school like Mckeel Academy of Technology should not have a football team because football is factor of hurting teens and kids badly!

Well to start, when people play football it doesn’t cross teens and their
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As stated in “High School Football Players Face Bigger Concussion Risk,” it shows that “High school football players suffered 11.2 concussions for every 10,000 games and practices. Among college players, the rate stood at 6.3. The authors cautioned, however, that their estimates are likely conservative because many concussions go unreported and because data on such injuries is limited. Even a helmet that passed industry safety standards for protection against skull fractures and other severe head injuries could still leave a player with a 95 percent likelihood of receiving a concussion(Breslow).” This shows that there is truly no way to protect yourself from things like this and when trying, you are only just wasting money through trying to buy the top of the line equipment when there can still be almost a 100% likelihood of an injury that can still occur which is another reason why we shouldn’t profit a football team in here at McKeel because it would basically be like paying for the students here to get a possible lifelong
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