The Pros And Cons Of Forced Labor

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Forced Labor in the USA has been a major problem since the past few years, yet the government nor the citizens who has been victims of Forced Labor, has not made any major plans to put Forced Labor into an end. It is in need to put Forced Labor into an end so that the victims of this problem may have everlasting freedom and success in their own separate lives. The citizens of the US are experiencing “Forced Labor” in a way that they don’t even know that they’re already being victims of this certain problem. In other words, these citizens are being “tricked” because of the false advertisements that are being given to them, which blinds them because they don’t know the background of the store they’re going to work for, which makes them realize in the End that they’re already victims of Forced Labor. There are many possible solutions to put Forced Labor into an end. One solution is to provide appropriate Jobs for all the workers of the US, so that these people won’t fall into slavery but instead, these people could live freely and could possibly help the country in the future. Another solution is to inspect stores that may involve Slavery or Forced Labor such as in Restaurants, Factories, etc. To see if these places are not committing any crime against the government, and to put Forced Labor into an end. One last solution I would want to promote in order to eliminate the crime of Forced Labor, is to simply raise awareness by making programs, talks, etc. to make the citizens

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