Fossil Fuel Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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These days, usage of fossil fuel is a controversial issue for several different aspects; for economical, environmental, political, and ethical reasons, worldwide audiences are paying attention on fossil fuels. The rate of the usage of the fuel energy has never declined since the industrial revolution, especially for the transportation. In fact, there are 1.2 billion vehicles in the world and most cars rely on fossil fuel as an energy source. There are three main fuel sources, coal, natural gas and oil, which help the fuel electricity demands of the world today. Fossil fuels, however, is an energy that people will no longer going to be able to access from someday.
One of the biggest reasons why global audiences are paying close attention to the fossil fuel is because it is not an ever-lasting energy as mentioned. According to the World Energy Association, the fossil fuel would likely to begin disappearing from 2051. In approximately 40 years, the world will be ran out of oil, gas in 50 years, and coal in 80 years. Although fossil fuels have advantage like producing electricity and being an active energy source, the fossil fuel, as a natural resource, is impacting the world with numerous disadvantages. By considering the fact that the
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First, even though the substances are highly available, the cost is too expensive. This might bring a huge confusion into the economy of one country or to the whole world, as it would change the money value of the fuel. This is because it takes long complicated process to go through in order to develop the new technology, the hydrogen-powered car. Second, there would be a possibility of having the storing issues: ‘Where do we go to fill in the tank?’. Moreover, hydrogen is highly flammable. Hydrogen gas frequently burns in the air but they aren 't as hot as gasoline fires. Also, hydrogen gas are less likely to cause another fires immediately

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