The Pros And Cons Of Foster Care

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Long before I was born, my grandparents made the decision to take in foster children. It started with one needy child, but before long, four new children had found their place in my dad 's family. The children all came with different backgrounds of abuse and neglect and they all stayed in the family for different lengths of time, but all four of them needed a loving home, and all four of them received one. Some of them returned to their own families after a while, while others still keep regular contact with their foster family. However, had my grandparents not followed God 's call, those four children may not have come to meet Jesus Christ. Christians should follow God 's voice in their lives concerning foster care, and they should consider what God puts on their hearts, whether that includes foster children or not. According to AdoptUSCare, a project of the U.S. Children 's Bureau, “children in foster care are…show more content…
Foster care seems pretty simple on first sight. With foster care, a person, whether single or married, takes in a foster child for a certain amount of time. This should end in the child going back to their biological home once that home offers enough safety again. This time period of a foster child staying in the foster family can range from a couple days to many years, depending on the biological home situation of the foster child. Sometimes foster care ends in the unbiological parents adopting the foster child. During the time that a child lives with a foster family, foster parents offer love and safety to the child. But of course, biological parents do have many challenges. Often children in foster care have gone through a lot and do not immediately switch over to a better attitude once they reach a safer environment. Foster parents have to work with hard behaviors of the foster child, but also of the biological parents of that child, and one cannot pretend that fostering a child with an abusive or neglective history does not offer any

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