The Pros And Cons Of Fracking

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Global warming and climate change affect numerous factors such as extreme changes in temperature, heat waves, and the sea level will rise. Everyone has their own beliefs on this controversial topic some believing it is a trick to get companies and people to invest in clean energy. As early as 1820, scientists were investigating the changes in Earth 's climate and the effects that greenhouse gases have on them. In 1975, geochemist, Wallace Broecker, wrote a magazine article where the word 'global warming ' first appeared ("Global Warming and Climate Change"). As time goes on, people are realising that this is becoming a critical issue as hurricanes become stronger, temperatures are not usual, and water droughts are lasting longer periods.…show more content…
Companies have tried alternate methods to minimize air pollution, oil spills, etc. However, there is a very harmful system known as fracking. These companies are not noticing that this technique does the complete opposite. There is a big fear that changing to cheap fracked natural gas to replace coal could backfire and could worsen the situation even further. Environmental groups are afraid that if hydraulic fracturing were to happen, they believe that contaminating underground water supplies could affect global warming 20 times more (Davenport 1). Fracking contaminates the underground soil which has its consequences. According to the article, it can cause serious harm to vegetation and any pressure that builds up could possibly cause an earthquake. Fracking is considered more dangerous than conventional drilling since the possibility of the release of methane gas to the atmosphere is greater doing this method. Allstadt also adds that companies and industries should be paying very close attention in trying to develop cleaner energy sources (Allstadt 1). This gas is considered a greenhouse gas due to it having the same effect on the atmosphere like carbon dioxide. Fracking can also cause health issues due to its toxic

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