The Pros And Cons Of Franchising

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Franchising Gong cha is a successful international beverage franchise specializing in Tea, Juice and Coffee. Started in sunny southern-western Kaohsiung, it has grown to more than 860 stores across 18 countries worldwide as of 2014, with a catalogue of over fifty-seven drinks and now it is still growing (Gong Cha, 2010). Franchising strategy is one of the entry mode that can recommend to Gong Cha to expand overseas. According to Daniels(2004), franchising is a specialized form of licensing for the franchisor. Not only sells an independent franchisee the use of the intangible property essential to the franchisee’ business but also operationally assists the business on a continuing basis through training and sales promotion. The best example…show more content…
More than 63 percent buy organic food and beverages at least sometimes. In United States, the increasing usage of pesticides and antibiotics in the food products are raising health concerns. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013 stated that about 1.1 billion pounds of pesticides active ingredients are being used annually in the country. Over 20,000 pesticides products are being marketed annually, which is adversely impacting the health of the consumers. Therefore, the organic foods which are produced using environment and animal friendly organic farming methods are getting awareness in the country. About 81 percent families are purchasing organic at least some times which estimated by Organic Trade Association 2012 Due to the rapid growth in the organic sector, our team planned to focus on selling organic bubble tea. We will create bubble tea recipes for our business, include only the most authentic, natural ingredient in our bubble tea. Our mission is to provide great healthy beverage that’s great for our customer, stay true to them and the honest goodness nature intended. The menus are developed will following the healthy guidelines of the American Diabetes Association. Customers can trust our bubble tea to be bursting with goodness and free from artificial

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