The Importance Of Education In Public Schools

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Although we have free public schools it doesn’t mean we have the brightest students in the world. This is because a free education is not parallel with a good education. In the American educational system today students are not good at learning topics. This is due to standardized testing and memorized based tests no one can really deeply understand topics. In an society where people focus on results society tends to loss track in the middle. This can be applied to schooling because students today focus on passing the test instead of understanding the meaning behind the things they learned. There are many ways to help students to look at the deeper meaning of topics they learned. However, personally I believe the way to get them to understand these topics are to make them active and engaged learners. In my eyes a person who is a go learner is open minded to learning new facts and listens to opinions that may conflict their own. Not only this but then the student must take these facts and think about how these facts have a deeper meaning and how they affect society and how they connect to himself or herself.…show more content…
The reason is because the more in-depth information you know the more you understand the topic. People say the best way to know if you have learned something is for you to teach it. I believe the same idea applies when a person asks questions pertaining to the topic. In “of the liberty of thought and discussion” by John Mill he states, “ it will be held as a dead dogma, not a living truth” when he talks about facts that are taught to society. This is the idea that if a fact goes unquestioned then it doesn’t really have an impact on anything. The reason this is so important is because nothing is set in stone. Throughout human history facts have changed whether they pertain to science, society, or the arts. Nothing is one hundred percent correct and I believe a good learner should understand this

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