The Pros And Cons Of Free Housing

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There will be both supporting and opposing arguments on whether there should be free-housing provided to poor and homeless people. The article, “Free housing should be a universal right” gives reasons on why there should be free housing, also possible methods to achieve free housing. The idea of free housing is to give houses and accommodations to those that lack resources so they are able to prosper and live their lives. Free housing is supported by the ideas of basic rights and the well being of people. Housing is one of human’s basic needs to function. Lutz’s idea of basic needs and common good would support the idea of free housing because housing would be considered as one of necessities to be human. The article suggests ways to achieve…show more content…
Without basic needs people would not be able to survive and prosper in their lives. I support the idea of free housing because there are many people that are homeless or could not afford accommodations; however, I do not support the idea of achieving free housing by taxing people or taking their property. I agree that taxing is a form of theft because people give their property unwillingly, while they have earned it with their labor, time and talent. I support Nozick’s idea of self-ownership that people should be able to do what they want with their property. That is why I go against the method of taxing; however, I still believe free housing should be achieve. I believe that the best way of solving this would be creating a non profit foundation with a goal of providing homeless and poor people with accommodations. Building houses for many people may be a little out of reach because it would take a lot of resources, I believe a better way is to build a big complex/apartments for people. The article suggests that people does not like living in accommodations like hostels because there are many people and it does not feel like home, which I agree with. However, when you are given free accommodations, I feel like you should not be picky and appreciate it
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