The Pros And Cons Of French Education

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don’t do any mistakes and those students learn that any mistakes they make are really important and can’t be possibly corrected.
In conclusion, the education received either by the society and the parents shape French kids to avoid speaking other languages by fear of being mistaken. Researches show that in order to have French people increasing their English proficiency you would have first to change their conception of perfection and make them more confident by immersing kids in a foreign language as young as you could.
Legal / Contract for Private School
In 1959 the French government created a law, the Law Debré, which state that every private school that are under a contract with the government will receive subsidies. According to the law (Law N°59-1557, 2000), the minister of education will pay for the teachers (amount paid is according to the French government policy) and training that those teachers will receive during their full career. In addition, regional government will also pay for all the expenses related to education, such as books, equipment bought for education, special education camp … As well, the regional government pay for all the operating costs of the school such as cleaning expenses, electricity, gas, furniture … Yet, even if the certainty of receiving subsidies is important if you are under contract, we would need to wait an entire year of operation before receiving the money previously invested. Moreover, the regional government can participate in
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