The Pros And Cons Of Futility

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Futility is an ancient term that was used by Hippocrates stating that physicians should “refused treatment for those who are overcome by the disease.” (Kasman, 2004). Physicians are not obligated to continue medical treatment that they deem ineffective or harmful to their patients (Kasman, 2004). Physicians must use their clinical judgment when deciding if treatments are futile. They need to clarify to family and patients between treatments that are ineffective and still provide care that benefits the patients (Kasman, 2004). The physician just doesn’t say no to treatment that they perceive futile but discuss alternatives. The patient and the family still need to be fully informed about the treatments that is considered nonbeneficial and the…show more content…
Beneficence the action that protects and prevents harm of others and improves their situation (Pantilat, 2008). By changing the code status of this resident with treatment that is futile can improve the resident’s situation. The health care providers can concentrate on pain control and comfort management verses forcing treatment on the resident that will not improve their situation or relieve their suffering. Giving CPR and breaking her ribs to an actively dying resident could be considered doing physical harm which does not not result in improving the resident’s condition. Fidelity is loyalty, fairness, truthfulness, advocacy, and dedication to our patients. It involves keep our promises also keeping a commitment which is based on the virtue of caring. In this case, the medical staff was advocating for changing the code status of the resident to give comfort and let nature take its course. The resident’s condition was not going to improve and death was…show more content…
Ethical differences can occur because of individual perseption of a subject or event (Legal dictionary, 2017). The ethical difference even may be political or religious in nature (Legal dictionary, 2017). Legal reasoning helps people to distinguish between what is right within society compared to what they think they should do. In this case, the moral reasoning is to end the patients suffering and to allow the resident to die is the kinder option (Moore, 2017). The legal reasoning in this case would be to honor the families wishes with the exception that the decision for life saving treatments was made in a malicious manner (Moore,
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