The Pros And Cons Of GMO

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One of the most controversial issues around the world is GMO, Genetically Modified Organism, foods that have had their genes altered so they can be resistant to herbicides and pesticides so that when farmers spray their crops they won’t die but only kill the weeds and pesticides. GMO has taken over our food industry and a lot of people are very concern about it. Most of us have consumed GMO without even knowing it. Did you know that 95% of our food that we eat are GMO’s? It all started in 1980 when it was discovered that you could take the gene of one organism and put it in another. Then shortly after in 1994 the first tomato was genetically modified and was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, these tomatoes were called the Flavr Savr tomatoes. They were modified so they could grow faster and extend their shelf life but also retain their color and ripeness. The largest seed corporation in the world that produces and sells genetically modified seeds is Monsanto and it owns 86% of the genetically modified seeds. This company is also known for creating the strongest pesticide on earth, which is called roundup pesticide. It is a worldwide agricultural corporation based in the United States that resist herbicides and weed killers, by using biotechnology. Since 2004, 8.25 million farmers in 17 countries are growing genetically modifies crops and America is the leading company with Canada in second. There are many unusual factors about how Monsanto runs

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