The Pros And Cons Of GMO Research

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I don’t feel that decreasing the flow is the solution as it would be a reversal in the progress globalization in many other areas. The pace at which disease spreads has quickened with modern society 's ability to move more freely. Illnesses that were once regional are now becoming global epidemics but as this occurs immunity will build and vaccinations will be developed. As we become a more globalized world advances in technology is able to help produce cures quicker and information is shared more rapidly. One advantageous aspect of information traveling easily is that people are informed about risks quicker. Knowledge is power when it comes to preventing and healing diseases. When an outbreak occurs it is vital for organizations such as the…show more content…
On Friday July 29th 2016 President Obama signed a billing into law that will require food labeling if the product contains GMOs. There have been many studies done on GMO’s and to date there is no scientific reasons for the labeling. The studies have not found any links to GMO’s causing obesity, cancer, allergies, or having any other ill effect on humans. A Pew survey was conducted on scientist the results of that survey found that 88% of the scientist found GMOs safe. It was also noted that only 87% of the scientist felt that humans were impacting climate change. (Almendrala,…show more content…
GMOs are used to help crops thrive in harsh conditions so that people in poorer areas have more sustainable food supply. The thought of GMOs is a bit unsettling when learning how far science has altered food, particularly meats and seafood. However, if there is no evidence that GMOs are harming us nor have they discovered any damage done to the environment related to GMOs. I prefer to have something that I believe has not been tampered with but overall will not change my buying habits at this time. I feel until science proves otherwise the benefits of GMOs deem it a necessary

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