German Volume Training Study

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German Volume Training or more commonly known as GVT or the Ten sets method is a weight training program commonly seen amongst bodybuilders or weightlifters (Hansen, 2003). This training method was created during the 1970s by German National Weight Lifting coach Rolf Feser with the sole purpose of gaining power, strength and muscle mass over the course of a certain period of the training. ( Croft, 2014). This study is a brief review of GVT and its pros and cons to the athlete. According to a study by (Cazeault,2014), the following are the benefits of using GVT in sports training: a.Improve muscle mass, b. Improve muscle endurance and c.strength improvement. In order for GVT to be successful, the proper techniques and methods must
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A total of 30 swimmers participated in the said study and was given a 1 month german volume training program. The results showed that the swimmers gained muscle mass, but lost some of their speed come sports specific training. Agraty (2010) suggested that German Volume training must not be used in determining and acquiring muscle endurance among swimmers.
On the other hand, Milcovich (2011) tested 5 russian professional bodybuilders of using GVT as a training method for toning phase of the training of bodybuilders. They were given a 3 month GVT program during the toning phase of the bodybuilders. The results showed that the GVT program proved effective to 2 bodybuilders who showed significant decrease of fat and water within their bodies during the 3 month frame while the remaining 3 bodybuilders instead of toning added additional pounds of muscle mass to their bodies. Milcovich (2011) suggested that GVT is not fitted for toning phase of any athlete in any sport. Due to the heavy weights one is using in GVT which leads to muscle mass
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In a 1 month study with 10 biathlon athletes, who underwent a series of GVT training programs during season. Results showed that 7 of the 10 athletes gained muscle mass, power and strength but their split time decreased. The other 3 retained speed and gained power but loss their stamina. This is according to the author due to muscle wasting of the 3 athletes and improper hydration. Wolfarth (2004) concluded that GVT is not suitable for off season training highly because of the fact that it decreases the speed of biathlon

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