The Pros And Cons Of Gambling

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Also, the casino provided many job opportunities to locals which range from F&B, to office and management. Big businesses generally provide high-paying jobs and generate tax revenues for different levels of government. However, some of them may become “too big to fail,” meaning that the failure of any one of them can cause widespread economic havoc. Problems in just one operating unit can bring down a big business, which can lead to job losses and economic depression.
Despite the government 's attempt to improve the economy with the establishment of the casino, the reaction of the people is overwhelmingly negative. Some people feel that there is too much emphasis on the casino whereas there are other public works that could be improved such as schools and education. Gambling, in general, can adversely affect someone’s life. Family, depression, someone thinks they can turn their life around by playing, but in the end they actually lose more money due to corporate strategies to make them spend more and more. Despite stiff gambling laws, cheating persists and some believed that some operators do not pay full taxes. In some lax or improperly managed casinos, drugs, alcohol and prostitution exist and are either tolerated or ignored.
There are several problems that have come up with the construction of Best Sunshine and Imperial Pacific. Environmental issues including the dumping of wastewater in the lagoon in Garapan. There were also reports of digging up of ancient human
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