The Pros And Cons Of Gay Marriage

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Why did homosexuals want gay marriage to be legalized? Problem surrounding human right has always been a conundrum; and one conflict that recently gain popularity is that whether a government (or nation) should legalize gay marriage or not. The fact that the government should be the decider is because, they are the one who overlook their citizen (both heterosexuals and homosexuals), and only the government decision can decide whether gay marriage is legal or not; and as a citizen both heterosexuals and homosexuals should abide to the rule. Something to note is that homosexuality is not an event that happen recently. As a matter of fact archaeologist has found a 5000 years old skeleton of a man that is buried with household jugs (a trait that only for female grave, while man was buried with weapons) in Czech Republic (Daily Mail, 2011). Even if homosexuality has existed many years ago, but from the start homosexuality has been deemed as taboo by society. Even in the past many homosexuals are ostracized by the society, and even in some tradition lead to death sentence. As the world modernized, controversy arise as human rights are advancing, and homosexual couple want their marriage to be legalized by the government (nation). Experts’ opinions clash with each other arguing whether a government should decide to legalize gay marriage, or not. Accommodation to find the middle ground also will not do, as homosexuals wanted equality with heterosexual relationship; one example of

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