The Pros And Cons Of Gay Marriage

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Introduction 18 out of 196 countries in the world allow gay marriage. That is approximately only 10% of the world. In many nations, the idea of gay marriage or homosexuals is looked down upon; in others, the death penalty awaits. Of the societies that oppose same sex marriage and homosexuality, many identify themselves as Christians. They interpret that the Old Testament shows God disapproving of homosexuality. The curiosity on why society, especially of large nations like the United States, Brazil, China, and India, does not fully accept homosexuality and their marriage. Perhaps, this is because of the laws that govern the country. For instance, Japan does not allow gay marriage, but not many people are offended by the idea. Likewise, many people live in nations where their beliefs and the law do not match; citizens may be against an existing law, or citizens may wish for an amendment. Comparing statistics of those for and against same-sex marriage from only a few years ago and the most updated one, the decrease in the number of opposition is clear. From this, it can be hypothesized that media has worked its way through to guide the society to learn more about gay people before making any concrete judgments about them. As homosexuality was forcefully banned a few decades ago, people and nations have started to understand the idea of it through the help of media, something we encounter in our everyday lives. Nowadays, multiple TV shows that are aired in many parts of the
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