The Pros And Cons Of Gender Roles

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The stereotypical world dictates men have dominant roles compared to women. They are indeed more powerful so as to conclude that women are weaker or of lesser power. Is that remain valid until now? Apparently the answer is yes and no. Yes, because there are still traditional races and countries who treat women unjustly and still sees them as people who should only stay at home. They should not be given proper education because their sole purpose is to be a wife and mother and eventually serve their families instead of having a professional career. On the other hand, men are required to provide and make sure that their families’ needs are met. No, because women were already empowered, well-educated and capable of a lot of things. They already had their voices heard and perhaps already won the fight over stereotyping of gender roles. This essay will primarily highlight the truth about who is more entailed with gender roles, male or female? Based on the article “Sex Roles” lifted from the book, Marriage, and family: Individuals and life Cycles (1985) by Hamilton McCubbin and Barbara Blum Dahl. Before digging further into the topic, I just want to give the definition of sex role. According to the article from the book, “A sex role is a part that an individual plays as a social actor – the patterns of feeling and behavior deemed appropriate or inappropriate because of her or his gender.” (pg. 189). Somehow this gave us the conventional thinking that men should show up
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