The Pros And Cons Of Gender Studies

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In a third and final point, we’ll consider that both gender studies and feminism should be studied separately because gender studies goes further and takes into account sexual characteristics and oppression in general rather than only social oppression towards a biological sex, being women.
Gender is something different from social movements.
Indeed, in general, gender studies bring to a reflexion on what is being a male and what is being a female according to time and places. The main goal of these studies is to observe how a sex is supposed to reproduce a common thinking and acting according to its societal past. According to Joan Scott, one of the main and first theorists of gender studies: "In grammar, gender is understood to be a way of classifying phenomena, a socially agreed upon system of distinctions rather than an objective description of inherent traits. In addition, classifications suggest a relationship among categories that makes distinctions or separate groupings possible".
Nonetheless, it seems that even though feminism derives or contributed to the birth of gender studies and inscribed its movement as a military approach, other movements linked to oppression such as the homosexuals and transsexuals can also be considered as gender studies without necessarily being in accordance to the domination of a biological sex on another. It seems that there is a deviation from gender to sexuality and not only biology differentiations.
For example, one can argue
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