The Pros And Cons Of Gene Therapy

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Should Gene Therapy be adapted as a treatment method on the genetic medical field?

Gene Therapy is modernly developed treatment that has been noticeably improved with the assist of technology, which helps on finding new ways to cure different disorders such as; Cancer, inherited disorders and certain viral infections, opening the possibility of curative and prevention of human sickness, furthermore, by introducing gene therapy as a trusted treatment in hospitals, that had an experience with the field of genetic diseases and their path of effecting on human body, would be a revelation in medical treatments1. However, this treatment has been debatable between medical practitioners who has different opinion about it, in relation to its side effects. As any other treatments it has pros and cons that might change the trending to it as a cure2. The essay will indicates the problems that gene therapy could face, which has been found by studies and researches and how others are contributing.

To start with, gene therapy involves three approaches, which could be applied including: putting back, repairing mutated genes and making the disease more recognizable to the immune system. They generally used to cure defective genes depending on the type of the disease, so the body becomes more able to fight the illness. However, they are some disagreement about the improvement of the pre-existing treatment, due to its long-term possible effect and the problems that are associated with
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