The Pros And Cons Of Gene Therapy

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What make humanity unique is we manipulate our environment, changing nature when nature doesn’t suit us. Historically, these changes have targeted elements we interact with. However, with the advent of genome mapping and editing, humans are now able to change ourselves, or more accurately, edit our genome. Right now, gene editing is being used for gene therapy, to either add, remove, or edit a gene in order to ensure a therapeutic effect in either a person or an embyro. Gene therapy is not ethically immoral and should be allowed, although proper clinical and regulatory constraints must be underdone. Visuals, needs to be applied? Gene therapy, from an intrinisic and extrinisic framework, is ethical and should be allowed. Ethical dilemas using gene therapy include whether or not it robs the right ot future generations, would the inequality it causes be just, and is it advisable to cause changes which could have unintended consequences. Gene therapies extrinisic points of contention include how it could lead to inequality, as well as the long-term dangers of changing a genome in a populations, . Gene therapy is A concern of gene therapy is whether or not individual lose their bodily autonomy to either corporations, or even if the advent of in-fetur gene editing can cause parents to determine their childs future to an unnatural degree. The conflict is who has, or through gene therapy,
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