Post Modernism In Genetic Engineering

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This report contains the phenomenon of genetic engineering and how the different world views seen the topic of genetic engineering. Thus, how do they feel about the arising topic of genetic modification. CRISPR is an acronym that stands for Clustered Regular Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. Which is the more accurate version of genetic engineering which can modify DNA for the precise mutation at exact locations. Worldviews Genetic Engineering The term genetic engineering originally represented the techniques for modification or manipulation of organisms through the process of heredity and reproduction [5]. Genetic engineering is also known as genetic modification and is the process of altering the DNA of a living organism. This could…show more content…
Post-modernism is difficult to define because it would violate the believes of post-modernist that no definite terms or absolute truths exists [2]. Per the beliefs of a post-modernist they see genetic engineering as wrong. Everything else besides themselves is seen as wrong [5]. They belief that a person’s identity and rights are by an accident of cultural origin. No matter if we are biological machines or cultural constructs the worldview of naturalism and post modernism shred humanity of all essential value and leave post-modernism without a meaning to address the bioethical issues of today [6]. The rejection of objective truth is a point of view of post-modernism. In all, postmodern ideology announces the end of all other ideology and all claims of truths…show more content…
This is the most simplest way to define genetic engineering so that any person will understand the concept. Personal view on genetic engineering The general idea of genetic engineering where they can remove genetic diseases from an unborn baby to ensure that it is healthy when giving birth is a good thing to have to ensure a healthy new generation. The enhancing of fruits and vegetables and other foods with to certify that they have a richer flavour and longer shelf life in the markets, is needed otherwise the demand for fresh food is going to be high over a short period. Genetic screening is good in terms of determining if the foetus has a terminal illness which can be treated, but then deciding if the foetus has the right ta a life is wrong, every living organism has the right to life even if it has a virus or illness. In terms of in the future it will be able to design a child with the genetic engineering working towards that milestone. God has the only right to decide how a person will look and what qualities the person will have. I feel it is wrong do design people because in the future people are going to get greedy and in the end, super humans will be created and war with be unfair towards countries that does not have the resources to undertake these

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