Advantages Of Genetic Engineering

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Genetic engineering in healthcare
Genetic engineering is a form of applied biology, often used to change a person's genome by using biotechnology. By adding DNA, removing genes or by recombining them, a genetically modified organism is created which can be used in research, agriculture, industrial biotechnology, medicine and in many other fields of labour.
During the past few years, genetic engineering and genetic modification have led to an improvement in life for people, economically as well as environmentally. But also in healthcare, genetic engineering is and could be very important.
For some people, genetic engineering in healthcare is a wave of the future: it's a way of perfecting human genomes, removing flaws from infants before they
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As a starter genetic engineering is could be used to eliminate minor flaws in humanity’s genetic make-up. Because of that, the children that are genetically modified before birth have a higher chance of emerging healthy than a normal baby. Geneticists will be able to target and fight specific genetic defects before the child ages. By this, many hereditary problems could be eliminated. This can go from baldness, to a serious heart disease.
Secondly, genetic modification can dispose issues in already living humans by activating certain processes in their cells that weren't there before. One example is gene therapy, where normal and working cells are introduced into a place where there are defective or missing ones. could be used to make sure that the body would create a sufficient amount of insulin in case of diabetics. Another interesting example of genetic modification in living humans, the use of the zika virus to cure brain cancer. Until recently, Zika has been only seen as a global health threat spread by mosquitos, and surely not as a remedy. however, some of the latest research tells us that this virus could be used to selectively infect and kill cancerous cells in the brains of fully grown humans. During their research, the researchers gave brain stem cancer patients injections with the modified zika virus. These injections were seen to have shrank aggressive tumours, yet left other brain cells
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It could also provide those crops with more vitamins, proteins and other nutrients. Due to this people in third world countries might be able to sustain their families which might lead to less children dying at a young age, If less children die at a young age people within these countries might not need to have as many children as they do now this would eventually lead to a lower birthrate which then would lead to a better economy and these counties might move up on the demographic transition model. There for it could be very good for the economy
Many people will like the evolution of the human species, being able to design your own baby and possible live longer, but it's understandable that quite some people do not think this is a pro of genetic engineering due to the fact that it is really unnatural and there isn't really sufficient reason for doing

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