The Pros And Cons Of Human Genetic Engineering

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Genetic Engineering, variously know as genetic modification or genetic manipulation, is the set of tools used to manipulate the genes of an organism. Genetic Engineering (GE) is different from the traditional breeding, where the organism’s genes are modified indirectly. In fact, G.E. uses the technique of molecular cloning and transformation to alter the structure and characteristics of genes directly. Genetic Engineering comes under the broad heading of biotechnology and it still remains a highly controversial debate based on the fact that it raises moral dilemmas. Basically, Genetic Engineering refers to the reshuffling of genes, usually from one species to another. Existing examples include from tomato to fish or from human to pig. Technically,…show more content…
Evidently human G.E. can be used to treat these genetic illnesses. That can be even beneficial for the coming generation since the D.N.A structure will be completely altered. In addition human Genetic Engineering has the potential to change human being appearance, adaptability, intelligence, character and behavior. Hence, human genetic modification can be applied to criminal and handicap persons and aid there better adaptation in the society. Moreover, when it comes to more modern application such as agriculture, Genetic Engineering is hailed as a blessing. Certainly, G.E. has the capacity the improve crops and animals by providing diseases resistance thus stopping the use of fertilizers and pesticides which contributes to a healthier environment. Indeed G.E. can play a major role in producing sustainable agriculture. The can to a great extent provide job security job security, dissipating the problem of famine in the various part of the…show more content…
To start with, very little is as yet known about what a gene might trigger or interrupt depending on where t got inserted into the new host. The chances that a genetically modify food or pat will produce new toxins and allergens are not to be discarded. Also many open questions around potential side effects are unsolved. The nutritional values of modify food is question. Hand in hand, the effects on the environment and wildlife are considered. It can be seen that a loss of biodiversity may result which can increase the risk of

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