The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

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As technology advances, more things become possible. One of these things is genetically modifying a baby, this is very wrong and unethical.. Genetic modifying or genetic engineering is altering someone or something’s DNA to change a trait, or rewire the genetic code of someone. Scientists hope to cure diseases with this method, but doing this can lead to some harmful effects. Genetic engineering can lead to genetic defects, it limits genetic diversity, and it can be taken to very extreme levels. ` To start us off, genetically engineering a baby can be very unsafe for it and lead to genetic defects. Scientists don’t know everything about the human body yet, and because of this, if we end up modifying something, it could end up affecting something important that we didn’t know about. We also can’t predict the outcome of the modification yet. Scientists could be able to possibly knock out a disease out of our genetic code, but since we don’t know the outcome one-hundred percent, this could lead to worse things happening in our body, like introducing a new, more deadly disease. Finally, engineering a baby inside the womb can be very dangerous for the baby. When engineering a baby in the womb, this could end in miscarriages, premature birth, and stillbirth. All in all, genetic engineering is very unsafe and unethical and it can risk the baby’s health and even kill it. In addition, genetic engineering could also lose our genetic diversity which would have a
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