The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Manipulation

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Genetic manipulation is the process of changing and controlling the genetic and physical features of an organism. It involves manually adding new DNA to an organism to obtain new characteristics. Genetically modified organisms include plants that are resistant to pesticides and insects and are also tolerant to herbicides. Genetic engineering methods are practiced using the direct change of the genetic makeup of an organism, as explained by For genetically modified products to be distributed, approval from one of these agencies is required, the Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, or the Environmental Protection Agency. Poverty, on the other hand,’ is the situation or experience of being poor’ (Longman…show more content…
One may ask how this is possible. To answer that, the University of California in San Diego ,taken from ,explains how crops are made insect resistant; this is achieved by adding a toxic bacterium to the genetic makeup of the crop. Being that the case, this does not, in any way, put the health of humans in any danger. GMOs are also environmentally friendly. This happens in a sense that they, GMOs, help in reducing environmental pollution and soil erosion. This is not only friendly or beneficial to the environment but to the consumers as well because there will be clear air to breath, clean environment to live in and enough food to…show more content…
This paper has shown how genetic modification of food crops can be helpful in the alleviation of poverty. Like any other factor, genetic modification of food has its pros and cons. It also has risks associated with it. These risks include antibiotic resistance and creating allergies to consumers. However, it also has benefits. These include increased pest, herbicides, pesticides and disease resistance, increased supply of food and drought tolerance of genetically modified crops. If all crops are to be genetically modified, we can rest assured that we need not worry about hunger and poverty in the

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