The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Screening

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In order to formulate an opinion on this much controversial topic we should understand how genetic screening works and consider both the benefits and risks of this matter. Ethical, social, and medical factors all play a role in determining this. Genetic screening is where DNA samples are used to identify gene or genes related to a genetic disease or disorder. It determines risk of having or passing on a genetic disorder and detects some genes known to cause genetic disorders.
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is a specific type of genetic testing done in-vitro process. In-vitro means embryos are tested outside the body before implantation. It determines if parents who are at high risk will have offspring who are susceptible to the disease if they carry the mutation for it. This allows parents to produce babies who do not have these certain mutations. Some diseases
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This is because I think that the ethical and moral issues outweigh the benefits. It is true that it allows people to have the opportunity to determine if their children are prone to getting a certain disease however, at the same time judging the life of someone who is not even born is unethical. If genetic screening is allowed, it will result in parents trying to make the ideal and perfect babies otherwise known as “designer babies.” Due to this, it will lead to decreased genetic diversity for example, Down syndrome and Autism. People with these kind of diseases tend to make the world more compassionate and humane. If we were to remove these diseases we will not be able to preserve diversity. Blair Stevens who is a genetic expert said “I would encourage any parent considering this test to seek out pre-test genetic counseling by a healthcare professional with genetics expertise, such as a genetic counselor, to ensure they understand the benefits, risks and limitations of testing” (Abate,
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