Genomic Medicine Advantages And Disadvantages

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Medicine is reaching a stage where knowing a patients genotype will better help physicians give patients optimal health care. Genomics is a very fast advancing field of medicine. Many countries are investing large sums of money into this field as it has the potential to lessen pressure on spending on healthcare in the long run as well as lessen the pressure on doctors who treat patients with terminal illnesses. The advancement of genomic medicine, however, has been slow in comparison to the advancement of genomics. This type of medicine has many subfields that are specialised for specific purposes such as genomic pharmaceuticals that specialises in making medicine fit for a specific genotype. There are many advantages to adopting genomic medicine into hospitals around the world but there are also many disadvantages such as the large cost to fund genomic medicine. This is why it is more effective to use genomic medicine in more developed countries at this time. Medical professionals are working towards making genomic medicine less expensive to practice and more accessible for all types of people.

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Since the human genome was completed many new forms of technology have emerged to assist physicians in identifying associations with gene variations and human disease. Genomic medicine is a slower growing field because its advancement all depends on the number of medical professionals taking up the technology into their clinics and practices. Physicians play an immense role in genomic medicine and it cannot advance without them therefor it is important for the physicians to be trained in the fields and in using the

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