The Pros And Cons Of Global Security

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According to this definition of Global Security, I understand that this Security is for all states and places around the world, of course those who want to be part of Global Security and give a proper contribution on it. All nations get together for a better welfare and development of the individuals also to change the quality of life in different fields such as security, peace maintaining and other essential spheres of life. We know that the most percentage of the threat or hazard to the world is a man-made, such as wars, technologies, civil wars, a huge number of migrations etc., but also there are many dangerous and concern issues which natural, such as climate change, air pollution, natural resources etc., however Global Security has different…show more content…
What are the perspectives of those problems and what are the costs of those problems? And in the third part I am going to propose a reform for those problems. Which could the best for the NATO, what is wrong and what could be better? As mentioned above NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is an alliance between 28 member countries. This alliance is a political and military alliance. So NATO’s basic purpose is to maintain freedom and security of its participants concluded political and military issues. Why I am including NATO as part of Global Security? – Except the main purpose of NATO to safeguard the freedom of its fellows, which is famously defined by Article 5 of the Washington Treaty as: “an armed attack upon one…shall be considered an attack upon them all”, NATO intervenes in different places, where they think that is necessary. We have example in Kosovo, Afghanistan, etc., where they thought that human rights of the people of Kosovo and Bosnia in this case were violated. So, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) tends to provide a Global Security. Members that are allied in NATO are from Europe and North America, which affords an exclusive

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